Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sculptures for Roan and Black Gallery.

I have finally found someone who appreciates my sculptures. Morelity and Sobjective are already there and I will be moving Petrified and Parasol in the Spring.

Thanks to Doug and John at Roan and Black.

    This is a new piece I call "Parasoul".  Found the look. The stem was the challenge. The cap incorporates a "bird bath". I want all by pieces to be accepted by nature.

The name of this piece is Petrified. It is located by my business.

   I call this piece "Morelity"

Picture of "Sobjective" at Roan and Black Gallery.

I enjoyed naming my sculptures. My wife always jokes of my unique use of the English language. The names of my sculptures are an amalganation of words or definitions.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Tree in the process.

Thank God for big equipment.


In place temporarily. I wanted to view the tree to see what the next step will be. My turn.

                            Love the texture.

Really love the rerod.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pieper Sculpture Park

Curt's passion and Karen's inspiration

In 2010 my mother passed away.  She left me with a couple of outdoor sculptures.  I wasn't sure what  to do with them.  Eventually they ended up in the woods near my home.  Since that time, other pieces from different artist have found their home in the woods.

The mushrooms are sculptures that were specifically created for the place they now live.

I have always been fascinated with circles and spheres. They represent cycles, no beginning or end.
Life.  This piece is re-purposed concrete with a portal and a bird.  It is located in the field by the woods.

This is another re-purposed concrete sculpture.

Currently exhibiting works by: Curt Pieper, Kari Miller Fenwood, and Stu White.