Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sculptures for Roan and Black Gallery.

I have finally found someone who appreciates my sculptures. Morelity and Sobjective are already there and I will be moving Petrified and Parasol in the Spring.

Thanks to Doug and John at Roan and Black.

    This is a new piece I call "Parasoul".  Found the look. The stem was the challenge. The cap incorporates a "bird bath". I want all by pieces to be accepted by nature.

The name of this piece is Petrified. It is located by my business.

   I call this piece "Morelity"

Picture of "Sobjective" at Roan and Black Gallery.

I enjoyed naming my sculptures. My wife always jokes of my unique use of the English language. The names of my sculptures are an amalganation of words or definitions.